Man in Your Prime

Quick Definition: The period of a man’s life when he is blossoming. Traditionally known as his physical peak around 23-29, a man can also be in his prime thereafter intellectually and sometimes physically as well.

Full Definition:

RSD’s latest mantra in 2014 is “A man in his prime”. Over the last decade, the company has embraced many models for change. From “Fundamentals” structured game, to being “all natural” and figuring it out, to “man in your prime”. As the pick up community continues to evolve, so does its coaches and overall philosophy.

The idea of a “Man in your prime” is that we are all prone to development in a period of our lives where everything is in its peak. Similar to a flower blossoming. A man coming together. Your prime could be any time period of your life, although generally it is around 21-29 physically. Studies in the book “Arc of Ambition” shows a rewiring of the brain at 30, and another intellectual and professional peak in the late 40s and early 50s.

Becoming a man requires work and it cannot be done if the guy is lazy. Similar to the idea that a chode will become exponentially more chodey as he gets older, the prime man becomes more experiences and stronger as he gets older. He becomes an icon, a enigma, a symbol.

Being in your prime involves learning many things in depth, quickly, and having parts of your life come together. You feel free, powerful, like everything is going in you favor. Despite the challenges, you are growing and learning and living to your fullest potential.

Alexander was a man who died in his prime


Owen and I are men in our prime. Time doesn’t stop for anyone.

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