• Male Pattern Blindness (MPB)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A condition which afflicts AFCs and even many PUAs, which makes them blind to the signals of interest that a woman is throwing at them.

    Full Definition:

    Recent psychological studies have shown that men are less perceptive than women of social cues, and, in pickup, this manifests itself as MPB. Women will often give every signal a man needs to make a successful close, but he will not notice them. Later on, he may finally realize his blunder, but the realization comes too late as the window of escalation is closed.

    GPUAs and AFCs suffer the most from MPB, but it something that can afflict PUAs as well. Some believe that MPB can be overcome through experience in the field, while other believe even PUAs miss most signals thrown at them by women. Regardless, raising one’s awareness of IOIs and AIs will lead to warmer approaches and easier pickups.


    Didn’t you realize that girl was totally into you? You need to get over your MPB!

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    Source: Fast Seduction

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