Makeunder Definition

In the same way that a makeover can change the way a person looks and allows them to feel better about themselves, so too can a makeunder.  Often times, makeunders require a scaling down of style.  This is often needed when someone’s clothing, accessories and overall style is too distracting, or it is off-putting and doesn’t display a person in the best light possible.  A man who wears too much cologne, uses too much hair gel or other products is likely a contender for a makeunder.  Anytime products or clothes detract from allowing a man’s personality to shine through a makeunder is probably needed.  Makeunders can be done by the person actually needing it, with help from a spouse or a close friend, or a professional such as an image consultant.

 Audrina Patridge looking glam and looking normalmake under audrina patridge

 Example of Wendy Williams with and without make-up

make under wendy williams

Keep in mind that girls look much more plain without make up and that every hot girl has her vulnerabilities. So don't get catch up in the mindset of “she's out of my league”.

Jenna further explains:

Sometimes, an artist will deliberately go through a make under to play a role or challenge himself. Or, maybe he's just going out with a good girl friend and doesn't care. Either way, the concept of the make under is important in hitting that ideal status of “looking good” but “not trying too hard to do so”, as if beauty was natural and easy for you. In reality, we know it takes a good amount of work to strike that balance.

Here is an example of the guys from Simple Pickup deliberately trying to meet women by dressing up as nerds:


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