• Makeshift Wingman

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The act of finding a guy who seems cool enough to wing you when you’re out alone.

    Full Definition:

    Sometimes a guy who does not AMOG you, or even one that does, can be turned into an ally. If there are 2 girls and he likes one of them, you can wing him with the other. Most cool guys recognize these patterns and will play along. It makes it much easier to pick up a 2-set and preventing the other girl from cock blocking you with your target.

    Some guys out in bars won’t follow wing rules, and his skill may differ purely based on chance. It is important to improvise when you need to, and to make quick judgement about people you don’t know and adapt from there.

    Most guys, unless they are a natural (less than 5-10% of population) are not going to mind if any girl you throw at them is decent cute, and may even entertain slightly fatter or uglier girls. Be sure you end up with the girl that you prefer.

    Wingman Everyone+needs+one

    Usage: That guy will do, he can be your makeshift wingman

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