• Girl Groupthink

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Maintaining Girl Groupthink

    Quick Definition: The collaborative social pressure/shield that a group of women have when going out that rationalizes the events of the night to their sexual advantage.

    Full Definition:

    Human females go out in groups (most girls very rarely go solo unless she’s looking for a hook-up). Such groups often adopt a stringent pack mentality or groupthink. If one member of the pack has achieved a mental state such that she is more susceptible to promiscuous activity than the rest of the group, members of the group may instigate countermeasures that dissuade her from escalating her behavior. This is called “Maintaining Girl Groupthink.” Such countermeasures may include: physically extracting the girl from the venue (this is called a Drag Away). Or, firmly maintaining proximity (i.e. a Mother Hen may hold her friend’s arm such that she cannot continue kino escalation with a boy she likes).

    Sometimes, this collective girl group-think protects the less smart, sluttier girls from making bad drunken decisions. Other times, jealousy of the mother hen will cast judgement on the girl for being overly promiscuous. Even other times, especially at bachelorette parties, the group actually encourage more sexual behavior. The cultural precedence of the girl group usually rests with the queen bee, the girl with the most social value. Or, it can rest on who has the strongest connection with all the girls in the group (i.e. social connector girl)


    Victoria’s Secret Models Backstage. Girls at good at adhering to social hierarchies and navigating them in style better than men

    Understanding girl group think allows you to govern your own mixed social groups to your advantage. It also allows the PUA to figure out who he needs to “game” in order to take a girl home, or to be considerate of how the other girls may view your girl if you leave with her tonight. Being consciousness, discrete, and a patient gentleman is actually the fastest way to get laid, paradoxically, and maintain a long term sexual relationship.


    Every group of girls has a certain group-think they maintain. So do guy groups, although on a much more subtle and more independent level.

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