Mainstream Rocker

The “Rocker Look” has many profound effects on women these days. This is due to a combination of factors, including the expression of individuality, masculinity and fame. Even a regular guy who dresses like a rocker can instill the same effects with his clothing.  However, a large part of the rocker attire is the attitude that accompanies the clothes that are worn

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: V shaped chest area effect with clothing, messy and long hair, dark jeans, dominant male energy
Common Clothing Items: a scarf or necklace adding to the center of the outfit, sunglasses and nice shoes
Favorite Brands Urban Outfitters, Guess! Calvin Klein, Zara, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Pop Icon, MetroPark, Spencers
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Elite-ness, Dominance, Bad Boy Image, Unpredictability, Not afraid of pressures or conflict
What Women Think:
  • He looks so good (dominant and expressive of his personality)
  • He knows how to dress
  • He must get lots of girls
  • He has a skill or talent that he has mastered
Natural Habitat Music Concerts, Dive Bars, Stage performance clubs, music scene in the local city

Famous Examples

Lenny Kravitz, Russell Brand, My Chemical Romance, Keith Urban,

Natural Counterparts

Music fan girls, almost all women of all ages like the rockstar, although the intensity leans towards younger girls.


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