Mainstream Consciousness

Quick Definition: The overarching story-line of a particular “media” or “mainstream” culture, such as “American Media” or “Taiwanese News”, or it can also refer to the encompassing social consciousnesses/worldview of human beings in their evolution.

Full Definition:

Mainstream consciousness is different than social narrative. Social narrative refers to a particular story line the media is painting at a particular time. It is a chapter within a book. Mainstream consciousness changes very half a decade (unless a crisis or global event happens i.e. 9/11) and reflects the current general understanding of society and human beings. One can argue that mainstream consciousness accepted slavery until the 1960s and is in the process of being more tolerant toward gays.

Overall, mainstream consciousness moves slowly and is conservative. It needs to be so, because of keeping order. Thus, avoiding litigation, shaking the boat, and keeping the arc afloat. This is not because of any one’s particular muddling, but rather, the massive consciousness of humans as a whole.

In the anime Gundam 00, the organization Celestial Being tries to change mainstream consciousness’s view on world peace by eliminating targets who promote or are actively engaged in war.

Whichever era you happen to live in or have lived in, remember and be conscious of the concept and perception of dating, women and women in each society and in the timeline you currently reside in.

At 5:30, Tyler talks about Mainstream Consciousness

Usage: America’s mainstream consciousness is shifting, but generally it is not yet ready for gay marriage and acknowledging alien lifeforms.

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