• Magnum Opus: The Mind of Mystery

    by AlphaWolf & Co.
    The Mind of Mystery (Magnum Opus) product was developed in LA by Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop. They partnered up with internet marketer Mike Long and marketed this as a premium, high priced video product.

    The original still-image on a video that introduces to the mind of mystery on a squeeze page run by Mike Long (Area 51 Lifestyle)

    mystery and matador

    Mystery and Matador during this phase of their relationship in Hollywood

    As such, the marketing material can range from being quite good to sleezy at certain points. For example on Mike’s original sales page back in 2011 he says:

    Some have referred to it as Mystery’s Masterpiece: a complete brain-dump that includes everything from approaching hot women to number closing (getting their phone numbers).

    It is a home-study course that teaches average guys the ins and outs/nuts and bolts of approaching, attracting and seducing beautiful and interesting women.

    Here’s what is included in Mind of Mystery:

    Social Cybernetics DVD Disk 1 – DVD Disk 5: Mystery demonstrates all his techniques and tactics, in a simple-to-follow way. This includes Mystery attracting a playboy model – real live footage!!

    Audio Brain Transplant CD 1 – CD 11: All the theory you need to improve your game from day one!

    Comfort Bonus CD 1 & CD 2: Tips for making women feel comfortable around you – important if you want to successfully attract the most attractive girls!

    Unfortunately, due to

    1) heavy pirating

    2) business disputes once again between Mystery and Mike Long,

    The product is no longer sold. You may be able to find it in entirely from other online sites.

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