Magic Mike PUA Lessons?

Guest post by B.G.

This is the sequel to the every-so-gossiped-about movie MAGIC MIKE, a film about the lives of fictional male strippers.  As with the previous film, this sequel attracted hordes of eager women that filled the theaters.  (According to box office mojo, $89M worldwide). There’s even groups of fans composed of of senior citizen women!  And two seats behind me was a senior citizen who even brought her husband to see this film!

Disgusting notions of “old folks getting it on” aside, I strove to just enjoy the film.


It was nice seeing a story of a bunch of guys involved in a profession that gets chicks almost worshipping them.  And the drama of how those same guys travel together, the dilemmas they face, the individual stories, etc.  And of course, the effect they have on women…both in the movie and with the real world audience!

But what interested me the most was how psychologically accurate this film was designed, even more so than its predecessor.  The way the male strippers did their acts actually created real, deep attraction.  They did this by creating a fantasy for the women that had “space” allowances for imagination.  Each of the strippers’ acts gave women what they really wanted.  There was even one strip act that involved the stripper doing a mock wedding with one of the audience women, leading up to the honeymoon bondage sex scene.

The attraction psychology was so accurate, that I heard some gals in the audience scream with intense ecstacy on more than one occasion.

All of this is a far cry from the olden days of male strippers who just didn’t get it.  As dating coaches and sexperts today know, evoking deep attraction in women involves giving them to, as opposed to simply flashing flesh.

MAGIC MIKE XXL showed the in-story audience women being made to feel like queens, being served and getting what they [think they] deserve.  Unlike us guys who can get off simply with some very well formed female stripper bodies, women require an all around approach in order to give the same (or more) level of intense temptation and mental stimulation as us guys get with nice breasts and ass.

magic mike xxl

I highly recommend any student of dating science to go see this film.  You can learn more about what women want from watching MAGIC MIKE XXL than you can from a Mel Gibson movie or some sappy 80’s flick.