Magic Bullets Handbook (Love Systems)

Review of the Magic Bullets Handbook ebook from Love Systems.


Magic Bullets came out in 2007. It is a hand book about how to seduce women and improve one’s dating life (AKA getting laid). When it came out it was a time of uncertainty for Love Systems, as Mystery and Savoy had at that time just parted ways as business partners. The Magic Bullets ebook is therefore a synthesis of the knowledge of the members of the new corporation that has henceforth developed after the Mystery Method.

I enjoyed the new perspective of the e-book at that time, and how it was able to break down the different components of game that was different than the M3 model. At that time, it was a big breakthrough as the whole seduction community was swamped with Mystery Method theories. As Savoy notes in the very first section of Magic Bullets:

“A system for attracting women is like a strategy for a basketball game. Some teams shoot a lot; others pass a lot and wait for a great shot. Some teams run back quickly on defense; others rebound aggressively. But if you have players who are good at the fundamentals (which in basketball means things like shooting, running, and dribbling) any reasonable strategy can work. Just like if you have good dating fundamentals, many different systems can work. Sure, one system might fit you slightly better than another, just like in basketball a team with big players might use a more physical strategy than a smaller but faster team. Badboy does his thing and not Sinn’s because it’s slightly better for him. But if he had to, and he had time and motivation to practice it, he could attract beautiful women with Sinn’s, or anyone else’s.”

The ebook covers each step of the game well, and each section is devoted to being a “bullet”. A combination of the magic bullets allows the artist to develop each component of his game and string it together.

The Magic Bullets handbook does some innovation, on top of existing MM themes. For example, qualification is broken down here in much more detail than in the original Venusian Arts Handbook. Love Systems also expands on the idea of building a social circle, and handling relationships, topics which MM has yet to cover. Of particular interest to me was Savoy’s discussions on long term and more stable pillars of attraction. An example of an illustration is here, and the ebook goes into more detail on the content following this chapter:

As an intermediate PUA, I was able to get a great refresher of the fundamentals of game again. There was also a different perspective of a “non linear game”, instead focusing on different components or “bullets” to increase one’s effectiveness of game and hitting the target (or “scoring”, if you will). Unlike MM, the ebook did not blow my mind or trigger a feeling of awe. Keep in mind that I read this a year and a half into studying seduction. However, it will give newer folks as well as mainstream guys a definite edge in the dating game, and there is enough material in there for intermediate PUAs as well.

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