Low Rise

Low rise (also written “low-rise”) pants refer to pants that are designed to sit lower, and sometimes below, the hips. Low rise pants are also known as hip-huggers, hipsters, and low-riders, and were originally popularized during the ’60s and ’70s at the height of the hippie counterculture.

Low rise pants are especially popular among women, because the low rise of the pants reveals more of their waist, and sometimes even their underwear.

Low Rise Jeans Women
A pair of women's low rise jeans

Low rise pants for men showed a slight resurgence during the ’90s with the popularity of gangster culture, and the advent of baggy jeans that sat low on the hips. However, unless you are going for a gangster look, you should probably avoid pants that have too low of a rise (rule-of-thumb: if more than the waistband of your underwear is visible, it’s probably too much).

A slightly lower rise on a pair of pants can give your outfit a careless and casual look, but don’t overdo it.

Low Rise Jeans Men Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher rocking low rise jeans

Low rise pants can also make you look slightly shorter, by shortening the legs, so should be avoided by guys of shorter stature. If you are concerned about being tall and lanky, wearing pants with a slightly low rise can help you look more proportionate.