• Low Rise Jeans

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Low rise jeans are jeans that have a low rise, meaning they sit lower on the waist than normal jeans– often on or even below the hips. As such, low rise jeans are also known as hip-huggers, hipsters, lowriders, or simply lowcut jeans.

    Low rise jeans are especially popular among women because they reveal more of the waist (and sometimes even the butt), but can be seen among men as well, especially on guys who are sporting the gangster fashion, which ride very low indeed.

    In general, saggy jeans have fallen out of fashion since the ’90s, but jeans with a slightly low rise can give a pair of jeans a more casual and carefree look. Low rise jeans also have the effect of shortening the legs, which can be good for tall and lanky guys, but should be avoided by shorter men.

    Some examples of low rise jeans:

    Low Rise Jeans Men

    A pair of jeans with a slightly low rise

    Low Rise Jeans Fernando Sippel

    Low rise jeans reveal more of the waist-- if you have the body for it

    Saggy Jeans Gangster

    Gangster-style saggy jeans

    Saggy Jeans Baggy Jeans

    Try to avoid this

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