Quick Definition: The stereotype of a guy who is sexually attractive to women.

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The lover is a stereotype of a guy popularized by David Deangelo. According Deangelo, guys can roughly be categorized into two types: lovers and providers. Lovers are exciting and unpredictable guys who women are magnetically attracted to, while providers are stable and nurturing guys that women want as husbands.

The characteristics of both types of guys are necessary for a successful long term relationship, but the characteristics of a lover are usually missing from guys who are unsuccessful with women. The personality traits of a lover are especially attractive to women looking for short term relationships and ONSs, so a PUA would be wise to adopt them.

Some of the characteristics of lovers include adventurousness, mystery, and unpredictability. Guys can adopt these these characteristics by being adventurous and doing new things, being unpredictable, and creating a sense of mystery about themselves. It also takes a shift in mentality from trying to impress and prove themselves to girls, to having a fun and exciting life, and just showing girls a good time.

The sexual stereotypes of lovers identified by David Deangelo include the bad boy, the adventurer, the seducer, and the artist. All of these guys share a certain thrill seeking attitude and a sense of not following all the rules, which is exciting to women.

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Source: David Deangelo