Love Systems


Quick Definition: Formerly known as the Mystery Method corporation, Love Systems is a pickup company based on structured game and routines Founded by Savoy and Mystery in 2004.

Full Definition:

Love Systems was created as an independent company after “The Mystery Method” corporation due to the falling out between founders Savoy and former business partner Mystery.

Love Systems was formed from the top instructors of the old Mystery Method Corp, as well as the best of the independent pick up artists and dating coaches. The company has been able to create one of the world’s largest and most successful dating/coaching schools by testing new ideas beyond the M3 model. The company has over two dozen instructors with events held all around the globe. The team includes well known PUAs such as Savoy, Tenmagnet, and Captain Jack. The new materials (i.e. Magic Bullets) have been tested across different cultures, types of guys, and types of women.

The company offers dozens of workshops throughout the year, with different events focused on different topics, such as Day Game, Hired Guns, and One Night Stands. The company also offers a couple of e-books as well as various audio content, which can be purchased from the site. Love Systems also has one of the largest PUA forums on the internet, with over 100,000 registered members.

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