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    Braddock on Flaking

    A Personal Account of My Experience of Text and Phone Game by Braddock:

    “I once thought the cell phone was the worst invention ever created. When I had a serious girlfriend, my cell phone was essentially a ‘wireless leash’ that my girlfriend used to make sure I wasn’t having any fun. Invisible handcuff, if you will.

    Early on in my journey as a single guy trying to learn Love Systems, I felt like my cell phone was my worst enemy – my kryptonite. After approaching countless women and finally tasting decent success at getting numbers, it was as if the phone was yet another huge roadblock thrown in the path to sex.

    I had become confident enough to approach women and ask them for a phone number, but I had zero understanding of what work needed to be done during that first encounter. Often, I found that a number wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. For months I would go out and get a bunch of phone numbers, only to have most, if not all, turn into nothing. It was the same thing every time – I either found myself nervously talking to a girl’s voicemail or calling a girl and awkwardly getting off the phone with her minutes later, having murdered any attraction that she once had for me.

    The problem was that I had NO understanding of what it took to convert a phone number into something tangible, whether this be by phone or text.

    It took countless phone numbers, endless awkward conversations, angry hair pulling, and trial and error before I finally began to see the writing on the wall. But once it clicked, I began to see the cell phone as the greatest discovery since sliced bread. It was as though I had an Uzi in my hands for all these years and only just realized how to turn the safety off!

    Soon, I was converting a phone numbers into a date almost every time. It was blowing my mind how easily numbers, which would have been worthless to me in past were panning out into solid dates. This was holding true with phone numbers pulled from hot girls in five minutes, numbers taken when either I was drunk, or old phone numbers that went ‘dead’ because of some logistical road block (e.g. maybe she got a boyfriend).

    I began to see patterns forming. I noticed that different situations required different tactics. Like any good game, high level Text and Phone Game requires Calibration. The key is to understand how far along you are with the woman. This usually depends on what happened in the initial meeting. Most guys try a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Text and Phone Game, without understanding that each encounter creates a different terrain and each terrain has a specific vehicle specialized for handling that terrain. You wouldn’t drive a Monster Truck on the autobahn and you wouldn’t drive a Ferrari on a rocky mountain trail. Having great Text and Phone Game often comes down to choosing which vehicle is best.”

    Braddock hit on a big nerve in the community in addressing text and phone game. Right off the bat, he explains his frustration with landing numbers and yet experiencing flakage. This stage of the game often plagues many aspiring PUAs, and is often a point of people quitting the game because of lack of persistence or faith.

    The book addresses the different stages of phone game, from getting the number to calibrating each approach for different types of girls. Each chapter is arranged into main learning points addressed. An example of Chapter 8’s sexualization via text and phone messages is described below:

    One of the really cool things about Braddock and Mr. M is that they have a wealth of experience, failures and successes to share with the readers. As such, many passages are included to illustrate a lesson. In the example below, Braddock explains how in some cases, persistence can pay off via text game:


    Some of the drawbacks of Text and Phone game:

    • Some of the ideas in the book were previously addressed by others on the forums. For example, role playing via text message. Braddock does expand on this with specific examples.
    • We have no idea if the texts were formatted and romanticized for the book, or if they really occurred as written.
    • There needs to be an acknowledgement that all flakes, to some degree, is reflective of the initial quality of the player. As such, good text and phone game can dramatically escalate a normal PUAs success if his initial presence is relatively solid. However, if the initial close was weak, good phone and text game is rarely able to correct this.

    Overall, the book is a great read and ongoing resource for the sticking point of number flakes that plague many intermediate PUAs. I will conclude with one of the best pieces of advice I received from my mentors: “if your numbers are flaking, fix your in-person game.”

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