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Review of the Routines Manual 2 from Love Systems

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Routines Manual 2 Review:

I really enjoyed Routines Manual 2. It was well thought out and where the first one fell short, the 2nd one delivered. This particular e-book covers the basic structure of getting the girl, and then gives you the right routines that can be corrected used as part of the seduction process. The basic structure of the non-routines section follows a breakdown and analysis of the Love Systems Triad model:

love systems triad model

In all honesty, I felt like this was a repeated and slightly more detailed variation of the M3 model originally developed by Mystery. It may be helpful to newcomers, and may serve a good review of the foundation for experienced MM guys or intermediate PUAs.

The manual follows the best field tested routines and illustrates the correct way to use them. One of my favorite ones is the blond hair and blue eyes routine, which we develop on our own in field as a way to start conversations with blond girls:

  • This intrigue-based routine should be used in the Attraction phase. It explains in a fun way to women how certain characteristics make a woman beautiful and, most importantly, why.
  • All women know how to turn on men’s attraction switches but few know why men find certain characteristics of their looks attractive and that there is often a biological basis for it. It helps you demonstrate value by showing intelligence on a subject that women value highly.In a group, you can point at the women with blue eyes and state that they are the most attractive to men. If you can’t see the eyes of all the women, just take your time to look into their eyes one by one while saying “I need to take a look at your eyes.”
  • If there are no women with blue eyes you can just tease the entire group by saying:“It is a pity that men will not find you girls attractive.”(Normally one of the women will ask: “And why is that?”)“Because blue eyes are what most men find attractive… And there is a reason for that. Blue eyes are a freak accident of evolution and normally all freak accidents are wiped out within one generation. Imagine for example somebody being born with blue skin or three legs… But blue eyes were not wiped out for the simple reason that they are more seductive than brown eyes, which is the original eye color all people had. You see, when a woman finds a guy attractive her pupils will dilate and there is nothing she can do about it.”
  • At this point you can point at one of the girls and say jokingly “It is quite obvious that you are attracted to me,” which will make her feel self-conscious or make her laugh.“Pupils are black and you can see them much easier in blue eyes. And the pupils in your eyes are the window to the soul and blue eyes let you see into a woman’s soul easier than brown eyes and that is why blue eyes are more seductive. And this isn’t only the case for women’s eyes but also for men’s.”Normally they will really be looking at your eyes now.
  • If you have blue eyes, all the better but if you have brown eyes, like myself, then you can say the following and make yourself a bit of a challenge to them: “By the way, that is also the reason why men with dark brown eyes are considered by women to be sexier… Because they are so mysterious like (name some attractive male actors with dark brown eyes).”
  • You can also use a variation of this routine with blond hair instead of blue eyes:“Blond hair is more attractive than other hair colors because blond hair is the only hair color that evolves, that is, darkens, with age. Because women started to wear clothes when man reached into territory where there was a cold climate, for example in Northern Europe, men could no longer use a woman’s naked body to assess her health. So the blond hair (another freak accident of nature) was one of the few characteristics left that men could use to correctly assess the age of women and the younger a woman is, the more fertile and attractive she is. That’s why so many women dye their hair blond: to look younger and therefore more fertile and attractive. Roman women were already dying their hair blond over 2000 years ago, so before Cosmo and other media ‘created’ blond as being the beauty ideal it was a natural way to look younger. Essentially, dying your hair blond is a subconscious way of lying about your age.”Here you can also use the fact that they dye their hair blond for a cold read about their honesty.“The darkening of blond hair with age is also the reason why blond girls are stereotyped to be dumber or having more fun than other girls… Blond equals younger equals less experienced in life which is perceived as dumber or more fun depending on who you ask.”
  • Ask blond girls to picture themselves when they were still just little girls, and how much lighter their hair was then compared to the natural color now.

Another one of my favorites, which actually come from Chinese cultural mini-games:

palm reading-routine pua

I will leave the details of this routine for you to discover.

Overall, Routines Manual 2 is a solid read. If you have to buy only 1, get the 2nd one. It is a great addition to build up a PUA’s structured game.