• Love Systems’ Routines Manual 1

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Review of the Routines Manual 1  from Love Systems

    Routines Manual Table of Contents

    love system routine-manual contents

    Routines Manual 1 Introduction:

    The routines manual starts out with a good introduction making the case for structured game:

    So, here it is. The highly awaited, forever requested “Routines Manual.” Contained inside are some of the best, most consistently successful routines as compiled by the dating industry leaders: Love Systems, Fast Seduction, Badboy Lifestyles, and Brad P. Presents and others. These are the workhorses used by Love Systems instructors and other asters around the world. A routine is any piece of prepared verbal or non–verbal material used for attracting women and beginning a romantic or sexual relationship. The variety and types of routines included in this book range widely and are divided mainly according to the objectives they seek to accomplish: e.g., building attraction, creating comfort, creating physical intimacy, etc.

    We offer you this book as a means to see what the masters use, so you can develop your own material. Having a repertoire of good routines is the bread and butter of good “game.” They are what help us to replicate success. They help us avoid awkward silences and “mind blanks.” They teach us what women like to talk about. They demonstrate the kinds of things naturally charismatic people do and help us develop the social skills to attract beautiful women when we encounter them: at bars, parties, during the day, or wherever.

    Pro-routines and structured game message

    The idea behind routines is to use it as a tool in the process of seduction. The premise is setup quite well in the beginning of this product. The authors illustrate that routines must be used in order to assist the general transition of a pickup interaction. They call this the Emotional Progression Model:

    1. Approaching
    2. Transitioning
    3. Attraction
    4. Qualification
    5. Comfort
    6. Seduction
    7. Relationships
    • The rest of the e-book is packed full of routines. The layout looks the same, and I think the authors could have used more graphs and illustrations to spice up the e-book (which they did do in the 2nd version of the Routines Manual). I found some old but sure-fire routines. The best way to use this book is to run through them and pick the ones that you think are fun to test and matches your personality.
    • Of particular amusement to me were the Horse Girl routine (BradP), Sorry I’m late routine (Credit Mystery), and the opener teasing routines.
    • The e-book also covers transitional routines to build attraction. These are usually very helpful to newbies who are still trying to figure out how to build natural attraction, and the embedded DHVs in these can help. Over time, these should become more natural and congruent to each PUA’s personality.
    • Overall, the book was a good read. The $99 price tag is big expensive, and the material is as of 2010 a bit outdated. However, it is still a relatively good read, especially for newbies to build some structure around their game.

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