Love Haze

Quick Definition: The filter of love in which one sees the world when falling deeply in love with another person.

Full Definition:

When in love, we are blinded by the negative aspects of a person because we see them through a love haze. This is not a bad thing, and we tend to accentuate the ideal, positive aspects of that person. This starts to become a problem when serious red flags or personality flaws are ignored that can affect the well-being of those in the relationship, and other people around them.

For example, a man who ignores a woman’s cheating habits and decides that she will change. This is harmful for both him and her. While in the love haze, we must understand that practicality and realism applies to the day to day, and we need to understand each other’s deepest needs. Or, when he denies that she is cheating on him, when significant evidence is presented otherwise.

Love haze, when nurtured correctly, can be the most wonderful experience and intoxicating. In a healthy, loving relationship, the individual is independent, but also chooses to coexist with the other person.


Usage: Will is in a serious love haze right now, I wouldn’t tell him anything at this point.

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