Lording (RSD)

Quick Definition: A term from Tim Marc and the RSD Crew for owning the club as if you were the lord of the land.

Full Definition:

Lording is a fun term that the RSD crew invented. Much like a lord walking into a club in medieval times and everyone bows to the lord, a high value, awesome player can have the same effect. Understanding the elements of “lording” helps the artist replicate this effect every time he walks into a club. Some of the key elements (some take time to develop) include:

  1. Having a cool group vibe
  2. Having a cool style
  3. Body Language
  4. Seducer’s Aura
  5. Ability to have fun and not care about what other people think
  6. At the same time, empathetic and authentic in your interactions with everyone
fight club
Tyler Durden – you should feel like TD after a fight when “lording” it in the club

Example of Mystery and Matador lording it in the club:


The girl who I picked up yesterday was a prude and won’t go down on me for at least another few days.

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