Lookbook #9: Gangster (50 Cent)

50 Cent Style
Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Green Cap

2. Stripped Shirt (I could not find this anywhere!)

3. Clean White T-shirt

4. Black Jeans

5. Bling Bling (Cross, Bracelet, Silver Watch)

6. Bandanna (under hat)

Lookbook #9 50 Cent

Description Hip, cool guy in jeans and cap
First Impression Hip Hop, Urban superstar, very street smart and well put together, can probably show you things you have never seen before
Techniques used Well matched layering and color matching of the white T and the multi-colored T-shirt. Also, the bandanna under the cap shows a cool additional layer on the head.Great mix of casual jeans and very expensive bling, a thing rappers to extremely well.
Skill Level Advanced
SAS Triggers Pre-selection, Elite-ness, Intelligence, Dominance, Street Smarts
Where to wear it Club, during the day, In the hood, school hallways

The Breakdown

  • 50 cent has a iconic look with his hoodie, and in this lookbook adds an additional cap on top of it. This layers his head area nicely and definition to his face.
  • The mix of urban wear and expensive jewelery has almost become a uniform and symbol for the “rapstar”, and any black guy wearing these (stereotypes) will be assumed to be a rapstar or entertainment star of some type.
  • The colors match perfectly, moving from a dark green to mixed stripes, offset by the white T-shirt and black jeans without being overblown with color-senses.