Lookbook #8: Rockstar Comedian (Russell Brand)

Russell BrandItems you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Black Suit Jacket

2. Very thin white scarf in silk or cloth

3. White shirt with light vertical stripes (Plain white shirt will work)

4. Worn-out light brown belt (Not exact in picture below)

5. Gray Jeans

6. Casual Converse shoes or leather boots

Russell Brand Style Lookbook

Description Light feminine, edgy rockstar
First Impression Immediate drawn to hair and neck region near scarf, crazy but cool, feminine but masculine, not sure what to make of it immediately but it definitely has my attention
Techniques used Russell brand is a master at creating polarizing masculinity with femininity. His wild hairstyel draws attention to his face, which is masculine with its scruffy look.

The scarf was very hard to find and I only was able to pinpoint it in female store sections because of its length and thinness. The feminine nature is offset by the belt buckle and rough jeans and suit jacket.

Skill Level Advanced
SAS Triggers Sexual Polarity, Pre-selection, Elite-ness, Intelligence
Where to wear it Club, during the day, talk shows, during the winter

The Breakdown

    • First, to get this outfit right you need to be able to get understand the concept of sexual polarity. That is, the ability to match feminine energy with masculine energy to create an attractive look.
    • The scarf is very feminine and draws attention to the neck area. However, the shirt is unbuttoned and shows the manly chest, while the suit jacket, belt and jeans all add roughness. The jeans are likely skinny jeans given Russell’s other pictures and therefore fits his tall, lanky frame
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    • Notice he adds just the right amount of polarity. Additional necklaces would likely add clutter and take away from the effect of the white scarf. Additional pieces on the hand or wrist is possible or likely, but the outfit itself stands out already.

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