• Lookbook #5: Criss Angel Rocker Style

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Stylish Rocker

    Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

    1. Brown Leather Jacket

    2. Washed up Jeans, White Belt

    3. Cross Necklaces (CZs will do)

    4. Wallet Chains

    5. Silver Necklaces

    6. Silver Watch

    7. Affliction-style T-shirt

    Lookbook breakdown

    DescriptionEdgy rocker with leather jacket, chains and jeans
    First ImpressionCool rocker that looks relaxed and fashionable
    Techniques usedHairstyle and accessories are key
    Skill LevelAdvanced
    SAS TriggersDominance, Elite-ness, Lifestyle, Adventurous Personality
    Where to wear itClub, outdoors, night events

    The Breakdown

    • First of all, the picture of Criss Angel shows him in his customized jacket(specifically made for him only). A similar brown leather jacket will achieve the same look
    • Rockers have an uncanny ability to look “really cool”. When you break it down, they use accessories, hairstyle and facial expressions very well to communicate MULTIPLE messages at the same time. For example, the cross communicates spirituality, but the icing on it also communicates wealth, status and elite-ness, and face communicate calmness. All these are conflicting messages that stir up a lot of emotion when you look at it
    • Key chains are another accessory that adds edginess to a rocker’s look
    • You can match nice dress shoes (brown or black) or more casual shoes with this outfit

    Getting the main clothing pieces down is the most important. Well fitting and color-coordinated leather jacket, shirt, jeans. From there, work on gaining experience in combining and matching different accessories and understanding what they are communicating as a whole.

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