• Lookbook #3: International Businessman On The Run

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Traveling Businessman

    Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

    1.White Shirt

    2. Gray Pants

    3. Suit Jacket (Single Breasted)

    4. Black V-neck Sweater

    5. Black Dress Shoes

    6. Wine-red Tie with Stripes

    7. Leather Messenger Bag (Optional)

    Lookbook breakdwon

    DescriptionElegant businessman, traveling for work
    First ImpressionFormal but in a relaxed fashion
    Techniques usedDarker outfit in general, made lighter with the red tie and white and orange stripes; The sweater adds softness to an otherwise sturdy business suit look.
    Skill LevelIntermediate
    SAS TriggersDominance, Elite-ness, Wealth, Power
    Where to wear itThe office, traveling, business meetings, airports

    The Breakdown

    • This outfit is a great alternative to the regular business suit
    • The sweater makes the look a little more casual and softer than a business suit, making it perfect to meeting new clients and having a warmer, more approachable vibe
    • Notice how starting with the black sweater, the colors become lighter with the shirt, the suit jacket and the trousers, making the individual appear more amiable and less formal as you scroll your eyes from top to bottom
    • The messenger bag is an optional item, ideally used when traveling. Otherwise, the look itself is great for the office on formal meeting days without the travel bag

    This is a great look that you can add to your office rotation if you work in a formal office (lawyers, consultants). It fulfills the requirements of looking formal, while at the same time adds a nice variety to the regular suit.

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