• Lookbook #20: Elite Summer Style

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Summer Style

    Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

    1. Dark Blue Dress Shirt (white buttons)

    2. Navy Shorts

    3. Dark Brown Belt

    4. Brown Suede Shoes / Mocassin Leather Shoes

    5. Watch / Accessories (Optional)

    lookbook-number 20

    DescriptionElite Summer Style
    First ImpressionCool and Classy
    Techniques usedSimple Shades of Blue
    Skill LevelBeginner – Intermediate
    SAS TriggersElite-ness, Class, Simplicity
    Where to wear itDuring the day, night, semi-casual or formal events

    The Breakdown

    • An calm ease of blue that is functional during summer time, and still looks good without resorting to beach douchebag wear.
    • Sock-less shoes makes the outfit look easy and unfettered.
    • You can pair this outfit with sunglasses, or accessories on your wrists
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