Lookbook #2: Alpha-Casual Businessman (Jeremy Piven)

Alpha-Casual Businessman

Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Suit Jacket (vertical stripes), or all black will do

2. Rings

3. Cuff Links

4. Suit Trousers

5. White Poplin Shirt

6. Dress Shoes

Lookbook breakdown

Description Sophisticated, high profile businessman
First Impression Powerful, but in a relaxed way; formal but slightly unpredictable
Techniques used White and black color contrast, selection of fine elite items
Skill Level Beginner / Intermediate (Cuff links and rings matching)
SAS Triggers Dominance, Elite-ness, Wealth, Power
Where to wear it The office, the club, a nice restaurant or meeting location

The Breakdown

  • This outfit is a favorite of mine because it is easy to pull off. Every man that has a suit can customize it for this look originally featured by Jeremy Piven in GQ.
  • The white shirt color must be wide and the shirt must be fitted and clean in order to achieve the affect the casual collars in the neck area and the cuffs just extending out of the suit at the wrist
  • The cuff links add a very high class touch to the attire. Minor but subtle different that signifies class and attention to detail. The ring does the same with a rebellious hint
  • The suit jacket is very formal, but Jeremy Piven wears it in a casual, loose way (while still form-fitting)

This outfit is one of my favorites back in my white-collar corporate life days. Its contrast of white and black looks amazing and the loose collar communicates an “I don’t care attitude”. Despite this, the blazer and the cuff links signal power and dominance. It is the perfect match for a high intent, but outcome independent mentality

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