• Lookbook #19: Black is Back (Bradley Cooper)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    bradley cooper limitless
    Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

    1. Black Dress Shirt

    2. Or, Black sweater or T-shirt

    3. Black Jeans

    4. Black Leather Shoes

    5. Black Belt

    6. Black Leather Jacket

     lookbook black is back bradley cooper

    DescriptionBlack is Back by Bradley Cooper
    First ImpressionHot and Dangerous
    Techniques usedShades of Black, Rough leather exterior
    Skill LevelBeginner – Intermediate
    SAS TriggersElite-ness, Dominance
    Where to wear itDuring the day, night, semi-casual or formal events

    The Breakdown

    • This look works because of the form fitting jacket. Leather jackets add masculinity and “badass” essence that is hard to garner from other pieces of clothing.
    • The tall, slender body is ideal for this look.
    • You will notice that I linked only to Zara – as they have the best selection to pull off this look.
    • I refrained from linking to their leather jackets as the designs are extremely seasonal. Being summertime, the jackets are a little lighter. The jacket in this look is heavier, darker, ideal for autumn and winter months. Keep checking your Zara store locally – they eventually come out with sleek, amazing looking black leather jackets during winter time. You can also find leather jackets elsewhere, although the design and quality of Zara leather jackets, from my personal experience, has been unparalleled.
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