• Lookbook #15: Rapper (T.I.)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.
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    TI Rapper StyleItems you’ll need to replicate this look: 

    1. Blue Beanie

    2. White Zara Jacket

    3. Blue Stripped Sweater

    4. Dark Jeans

    5. Blue Sneakers (Air Jordans)

    6. Expensive Watch

    Lookbook number 9 50 cent style
    lookbook rapper TI white zara jacket


    Description Rapper mix-match between casual and formal wear
    First Impression Edgy but still classy, slightly alternative but still fitting the classical gentleman look
    Techniques used Layering: the shirt under the sweater, under the white jacket creates an interesting look. Color: the blue matches and sticks out from the white jacket and the rest of the outfit.
    Skill Level Advanced
    SAS Triggers Elite-ness, Fame, Edginess, Intelligence
    Where to wear it During the day, on talk shows

    The Breakdown

    • T.I. has been an idol of mine not just with his music, but his attire. He has a unique style even amongst rappers as somewhat edgy and alternative, but still looking the part of the rich businessman.
    • What makes this look work is the very sharp contrast of high and low class style. The beanie, and the sneakers are traditionally casual wear, but mixed with a high class watch and the nice jacket, it adds an interesting dichotomy to what is traditionally considered “low” or “high” class fashion.
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    Can you do more look book styles for us full-figured men?


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