Lookbook #14: Retro Badboy

leather jacket retro look badboy
Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Vintage Leather Jacket (biker style)

2. Grey Jeans

3. Black boots

4. Black Sweater

5. Necklace (silver chain)

6. Gauge Earrings

lookbook - retro rocker seduce with style

Description Slick hair, Grease meets Fight Club attire of a bad boy in the streets
First Impression Cool, unique looking guy who looks mysteriously stylish
Techniques used Making vintage clothing look good, matching colors between the clothing items. The photographer also did amazingly well in the color of the background and the truck mixed with the color of the clothes. The hair and the earrings add further edginess to an already rocker-ish look.
Skill Level Advanced
SAS Triggers Pre-selection, Elite-ness, Intelligence, Efficiently using money, Historical knowledge and passion for the arts, Bad boy image
Where to wear it During the day, in alternative / retro clubs

The Breakdown

  • This look requires a strong understanding of fashion and style to pull off.
  • At its centerpiece is the love for mixing and matching vintage clothing. The leather jacket is reminiscent of the 1920s bad guy in movies (James Dean). The jeans and boots further illustrate a dark, bland exterior.
  • The model’s pose is perfect in illustrating a carefree and yet rebellious vibe to the shoot.
  • The model’s expression is that of a warm, alpha coolness. The smoke in his hand shows the contradiction of his smooth way of walking through life while destroying himself at the same time
  • Gauge earrings in general add dominance and masculinity and in this case suits the wearer’s hair color and outfit very well

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