• Lookbook #12: Hollywood Jesus (Russell Brand)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    celebrity jesus look
    Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

    1. Aviator Sunglasses

    2. Grey Beanie

    3. Feather Necklace (black feathers)

    4. Black Jeans#mce_temp_url#

    5. Plain White Shirt

    6. Black Cloth Loose Cardigan Sweater

    lookbook template - Hollywood Jesus

    DescriptionWeird looking dude who looks like a movie star
    First ImpressionMixed feeling of a homeless guy or a guy who is so famous he doesn’t care anymore. Relaxed, very casual vibe and communication from his clothing
    Techniques usedLayering: the white shirt, the cardigan, and the beanie add layers to the look. The simplicity of the necklace and white shirt adds a nice contrast to the chest area
    Skill LevelAdvanced
    SAS TriggersPre-selection, Elite-ness, Fame, Carefree Attitude, Counter-Culture
    Where to wear itDuring the day

    The Breakdown

    • This look has been sported by the likes of Russell Brand, Justin Bobby (from the Hills) and other slightly quirky/cool guys in the LA area.
    • What makes this look work is the very sharp contrast of high and low class style. The sunglasses, beanie and the long hair communicates someone who is almost hiding his face. Now, although the cardigan, shirt and pants seem low class, the way they are put together shows someone with a sense of style. This weird combination of cheap items paired together to create this look is the symbol of the Hollywood star who cares just enough to not care what people think about him, thereby creating his “draw”
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