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  • Lookbook #11: Elegant Rocker (Fox)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

    1. Blue Striped Shirt

    2. Light-washed Jeans

    3. Tribal Bracelet

    4. Brown Boots

    5. Leather Bracelet

    6. Tribal Necklaces


    lookbook template - elegant rocker

    DescriptionClean elegant guy in a nice shirt and jeans, nicely put together
    First ImpressionFashionable guy, rocker, stylish, has his taste for fashion and his individual style, dominant
    Techniques usedThe shirt and jeans match well together, and further dominance is accentuated by the tattoos, the accessories and the facial hair and hair color
    Skill LevelAdvanced
    SAS TriggersElite-ness, Dominance, Street Smarts
    Where to wear itClub, during the day

    The Breakdown

    • This is one of the best looks to pull off. It looks simplistic but its simplicity lies in the subtleties of the way it is put together.
    • Note that the character (Fox VH1) has a hairstyle that matches his attire. His tattoos further add color to his look.
    • The accessories are all paired up to match (none are too big) and they don’t over do each other in their designs and size.
    • The hair color and the brown boots matches the head and bottom of the entire outfit
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