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  • Lookbook #1: The Modest Rocker

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Modest Rocker

    Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

    1. Brown Leather Jacket

    2. White shirt with black horizontal stripes

    3. Aviator sunglasses with orange lens

    4. Dirty, light-brown bootcut jeans

    5. Citizen watch

    6. Cross Necklace

    Lookbook breakdown

    DescriptionLeather jacket and jeans, rocker look
    First ImpressionEasy going but slightly edgy guy. Rough in a classy way
    Techniques usedColor matching and fit
    Skill LevelBeginner
    SAS TriggersDominance, Elite, Edgy
    Where to wear itDuring the day running errands, would also work in a bar

    The Breakdown

    • On one hand, the leather jackets adds rebelliousness and edginess, on the other, it calms it down with a more relaxed brown color
    • Notice how the shirt’s horizontal stripes make the otherwise skinny model look more “dense” and fills out the jacket better
    • The orange tint of the aviator glasses draws attention to the face, which is well suited for the downward hairstyle of the model. Orange is a very strong color and it stands out in this outfit just enough for the model to look very stylish.
    • The jeans color and the texture adds “roughness” to the overall look
    • This outfit can be match with brown leather shoes or casual Converse-style sneakers
    • The necklace at first looks like a computer chip, but is actually a very unique design of a cross on a black surface
    • The watch adds further masculinity to the left hand (optional)

    This is a great outfit to wear during the day. It is also very versatile. The brown color is relaxed enough to wear this in the shopping mall or even in a club.

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