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    Long-sleeved T-shirts are t-shirts that have sleeves that do not end by the elbow or slightly above, but that extend to cover the full length of the arms.  Long-sleeved t-shirts can be worn casually or dressed up with a suit jacket depending upon the occasion.

    The long-sleeve (t-shirt) is arguably the oldest still in use garment in the world.  Such shirts were originally worn as undergarments until the beginning of the Middle Ages, at which point they started to become part of “above-clothes” dress.  Ironically, the most fashionable long-sleeved shirts from the Middle Ages have throughout the middle of the 20th century until now, made a great comeback in the fashion world.  The particularly fashionable long-sleeved style was loose-fitting, had a circular as opposed to boxy neck, that flowed out for trousers (the preferred pant style of the time, but not the same style of trousers that exists today).


    The long-sleeved shirt starting in the Middle Ages largely resembled the Greek and Roman tunic of antiquity, except for the fact that in the Middle Ages they were largely long-sleeved rather than short-sleeved.  Fast forward several hundred years, and the diversity that can be found in style, color, and fabric used to fashion a long-sleeved t-shirt is extensive.  In modern times – 20th century through today—the long-sleeved t-shirt has been geared towards more casual wear than its predecessor that was used for only one form of wear, which was determined by whether a man was a farmer, a warrior, an aristocrat, or royalty.  Today, long-sleeved t-shirts can be worn with jeans, dress slacks, shorts, or khakis.  Long-sleeved t-shirts can be worn during sports play, e.g. Under Armor, and provide an athlete a specific advantage based upon the material of which the shirt has been made.  Or, it can be worn as just a fashion statement without having to have some special purpose behind wearing it.  As far as styling go, long-sleeved t-shirts are most fashionable when worn outside of bottoms, and therefore not tucked into them.  Long-sleeved t-shirts can be solid print shirts or have patterns, depending upon what type of look a man is trying to achieve.  A solid shirt could be dressed up much more easily than a shirt with some sort of pattern.

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