Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

Quick Definition: A relationship with a woman who lives far away.

Full Definition:

A long distance relationship is a common term for a relationship in which the two partners live far away from each other. Managing a serious LDR requires a lot of effort, which is why they are often discouraged in mainstream dating advice. Making an LDR work is possible, but it requires a large amount of trust, effort, and a degree of independence.

Technology can help somewhat with long distance relationships, and partners can use technologies such SMS, Facebook, Skype, and video conferencing to keep in touch over long distances. However, nothing can truly replace face to face contact, so LDRs require a certain amount of traveling to meet each other.

Whereas it is difficult to maintain a serious long distance relationship, managing casual LDRs is often much easier, which can work in the favor of PUAs. A PUA can even maintain multiple LDRs in different cities, and email each of them every few days or chat with them just often enough to keep some sort of connection going.

Depending on how serious the relationship is, the PUA might not even have to communicate with them at all, contacting them only when he is in the area, essentially having a long distance fuck buddy relationship.


I have 2 LDRs right now.

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