Quick Definition: The details of a situation, be it transportation, timing of events, howmany friends need to get home, how close the target lives to the PUA’s house, and other details that are necessary to successfully complete a pickup.

Full Definition:

Good logistics are key to lays. While a lot of lairs and projects form near well-known night club venues (i.e. Project Hollywood), if a PUA lives in the suburbs, it is important for him to pre-plan his logistics. If a girl needs to drive one hour to get to a PUA’s house, he needs to make sure to select a venue where he can build enough comfort and attraction in order for the extraction to go smoothly.

Logistic information that needs to be known for one night stands are things like whether the target drove or came with friends, how close the target lives to the PUA’s house, whether the target has work the next day, and any otherI information the PUA needs to know to get the girl back to his place.

Good logistics are easier to manage with day 2s, where the PUA gets to choose the venue. It is often best to choose a location close to one’s house, so that things can transition smoothly if things go well. Also, meeting at the PUA’s place ahead of time and taking a single car makes it easy to return back to the PUA’s house after the date.


My logistics are bad today; I have to take my friend home, so I can’t go with her to the after party.

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