Quick Definition: Positioning oneself as the center of attention in a set, and physically having the girl lean towards that position of power.

Full Definition:

Locking-in is essential if one is running flash game, or if one wants to have a stronger presence in holding down a set with more than 1 HB. It is the subconscious communication of one’s alpha-ness and value in a set based on one’s physical relationship with their targets. Different lock-in tactics have been developed by the community.

For example, if a girl is sitting down, high five her, spin her, and then take her seat. Stick your tongue out like a little boy and laugh at her. JDog runs a routine in The Pickup Artist by saying, “Here, give me your hands,” and then moves the girl, ending with, “Ah. I look so much better in this light!”


Locking in gives one several DHVs and strategic advantages:

  1. A PUA locking in a 2 set is a pretty high DHV to the room, and the actual HBs in your set will feel subconsciously more attracted to you based on their own body language from the lock-in
  2. Interrupts that take place will recognize you as already “in” with the set, and the chance of pulling the girls away is tougher
  3. It makes it harder to AMOGs to approach tointerrupt your set
  4. Your wing can enter on a more powerful note
  5. Flash gameand social value goes up in the room, with the men, women, and hired guns


Remember to lock-in within the first 5 minutes of entering a set.

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