Locked Out

Quick Definition: When a PUA is physically or verbally unable to progress further with a set. (The opposite of locked-in.)

Full Definition:

A lock out can occur when a PUA first opens a set, and the set is interrupted before the PUA gets a chance to hook. For example, if a PUA approaches a 2 set at the bar, and the bartender interrupts to ask them what they want drink before attraction is built up, the physical act of the girls turning their backs to the PUA can serve as a lock out. Unless the PUA is locked-in with a good physical position relative to the girls, chasing after them would only lower his value.

Lock outs can also occur further into a set, if a girl is genuinely uninterested in the PUA and recovery attempts have failed. In such instances, when everyone becomes silent and waits for the PUA to leave, it is best to gracefully eject and move on to the next set.

A lock out can also refer to when a PUA manages to bring an HB back to his place, but it is clear that there will be no sex that night.


Too many people started walking between us before I could hook, and I was locked out just like that.

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