• Lock-In Prop

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: An accessory or piece of clothing that a PUA can put on the target to commit her to the interaction.

    Full Definition:

    Lock-in props are often items used for peacocking, such as a cool cowboy hat or a scarf. Lock-in props are useful for creating comfort and can be combined with a takeaway to have the target chase after the PUA to return the item.

    cowboyhatboooobs lock in prop

    A cowboy hat, or scarf, can be a great lock-in prop

    It is important to remember to have the target return the lock-in prop, as if solid-game is not run, the item could be lost, either from the target stealing it intentionally or, more often, from forgetting that she has it.

    When a genuine connection is made with a woman, the PUA can sometimes gives her a lock-in prop until their next meeting, thereby anchoring his presence with her through his prop (i.e. a mood ring or bracelet).

    Mystery on lock-in props at 0:45:


    That scarf would make a great lock-in prop!

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    Source: Mystery

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