• LL Cool J

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Actually stands for “Ladies Love Cool James”. In his single, Loungin’ (Who Do You Love Remix) there were pieces of wisdom as it relates to pick up. See if you figure it out by listening to the lyrics again. It is story about a true player / ladies man knows how to please a woman. He doesn’t compensate for his other lack of qualities with money. The moral of the story? A woman needs love:

    [LL Cool J]
    Jew-als and Cristal gotta mack a phony style
    He ain’t watchin you he rather watch his money pile
    Can’t protect treasures when its in a glass house
    Soon as he turn the corner I’ma turn that ass out
    Full blown, frontin in the 6 wit the chrome
    Yo B, why you leave your honey all alone wit me
    Just because you blessed wit cash
    doesn’t mean your honey won’t let me finesse that ass
    So see the moral of the story is a woman need love
    The kind you so-called players never dreamed of
    You gotta try love, can’t buy love
    If you play your hand then it’s bye-bye love


    [LL Cool J]
    So what you got the cash flow and escro, damn
    But your honey ran away like presto, ala-kazam
    Man made the money, money never made the man
    You still fakin jacks throwin rocks on her hand
    See, you put your mack down now you Nino Brown
    Rock roller wit’ so much ice your cap’s polar
    I got em smokin beanies, modelin bikinis
    Pushin ya whip on the freeway to see me
    I keep it steamy, I make it burn when it’s my turn
    Teachin shorty all the tools that you neva learned
    Don’t get it twisted, gettin money ain’t wrong
    But she wanna make love all night long, I’m gone


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