• Little Black Dress

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    The default “style” of a given venue. When in doubt, she always her her little black dress. That’s the dress she wears when there is no time and she knows, from previous events, that this dress is good to go.

    The term can also be used for other things: i.e. “That camera is like her little black dress”. It basically refers to the women’s ability to plan ahead for social events and already have something ready to go.

    Outside of the social context, regardless of the material from which it’s made, or its designer, if any, the little black dress is a fashion staple for women over the world.  The color black helps to provide women with a lean contrast and therefore smaller, streamlined look.  Similar to the way in which a black tux on a dashing and irresistible man can make women swoon, a little black dress on a woman can remind men of how beautiful women are when they are dressed simply and in all black.

    Little black dresses can be made of skin-hugging fabric or loose fabric.  They can be knee-length, or slightly to very much shorter than that.  Because black is such a basic but powerful color for style, almost any color can be paired with it.  A little black dress can literally be accessorized with anything a woman could want, from stunning gold earrings, to a turquoise necklace and earrings.

    In this photograph, famed actress, model, and social activist, Angelina Jolie, chose to keep her style simple and wear all black, including her shoes and clutch purse.

    angelina little black dress

    However, as previously mentioned, a splash or more of color is always welcome.  Sexy accessories can include the following:

    black dress accesory

    Little black dresses can be cocktail dresses, informal frocks or whatever someone can imagine and if pin and needle-worthy, sew.  But the little black dress did not simply spring up one day.  It has a unique history that has evolved.  Like classic accessories like pearl necklaces which often accessorize little black dresses, the style(s) of the little black dress has changed over the past century.  In the 1920s, flappers wore them for as much of a fashion statement as it was a political statement of independence, style and intellect.  The little black dress has always been sharp fashion staple that forces its wearer to exude confidence, show some skin, and feel glamorous.  Fashion designer and style icon Coco Chanel gave the fashion world numerous takes on the little black dress, all of which the fashion world is better and more stylish for having having seen them.

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