Lisa Kim Fleming

Genetics Half American (Dad), Half Korean (Mom)

Car model and recently famous for being one of the half Asian girls in the Like A G6 video by Far East Movement

Claim to fame Calendar and Car Model Girl, Like a G6 Video
Background Diplomatic family, American
Skills Actor, Model

Lisa Kim Fleming caught her break as the girl that fades in and out of the “like a g6” video. If you’re wondering about it, below is a screenshot of her in the video. A self claimed military brat, she traveled a lot with her father at a young age and was born in the random town of North Dakota.

She’s already a skilled blogger and web developer, or at least is business-savvy enough to hire someone to do it for her. Her website is a PR 4 (as of Jan 2011) and is well designed visually and in the code / navigation. She’s also got some YouTube videos of her at car shows, and galleries of her pictures on Facebook.

Where is she in the “like a g6 video?”

lisa kim fleming like a g6 video

Here’s the Like a G6 video for your viewing pleasure:

Lisa Kim Fleming Pictures (below the fold)