Linen Cloth Linen is a type of cloth that is manufactured from the fibers of the flax plant Linum usitatissimum. The word linen is also used to refer to other fabrics such as cotton and hemp, when they are woven using the same weave typical of linen.

The process of creating linen is labor intensive, but the fabric is valued because it remains cool and fresh to the touch, even in hot weather. As such, it is the number one textile used in bed sheets and table cloths.

Linen is also used heavily in the fashion world as well, and linen can be found in everything from shirts and aprons to handkerchiefs and lingerie. Linen is also a material commonly found in men’s suits and dress shirts, due to its crispness and comfort.

White Linen Suit
A dressy white linen suit
Classy Linen Suit
Another classy linen suit
See-Thru Linen Dress Shirt
A see-thru linen dress shirt
Linen Dress Shirt Men
A fitten linen men's dress shirt
Black Linen Shirt Men Emboridery
A black linen shirt with embroidery

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