Quick Definition: A way of living that reflects a person’s values and attitudes on a day to day basis.

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As Zan would say, “a woman is attracted to the way a man moves through life.” Such is the reference to a man’s lifestyle and how he must build a lifestyle that he enjoys. After doing this, he will draw women towards him naturally.

There are many misconceptions about a PUA’s lifestyle involving multiple relationships and simply sleeping with girls to increase a man’s “score.” This is a player’s lifestyle. PUAs define their individual goals first when they get into game. Some want a player lifestyle. Others want marriage. Still others just want a good girlfriend.

The fundamental theme underlying all of the PUA’s relationships, however, is power and options. The PUA has mastered the skills and knowledge to find another girl at his will and is therefore not subjected to the power struggles of staying with the woman out of fear. Many men fear that they will never find another woman just as good looking or compatible, and this is simply untrue in the PUA’s mindset and lifestyle.

The most successful PUAs all have different aspects of their life that are outside of pickup. For example, Style is an award winning writer. Mystery, a magician. Tyler, a public speaker. Zan, a former model and now life coach. It is important to develop a lifestyle that is congruent with developing the skills of pickup, as well maintain a balance in having passions in other areas of life.

Entourage exemplifies one ideal version of the lifestyle:


To become a PUA, you must first develop the lifestyle habits of a strong pickup artist.

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