A man with who has responsibility over someone’s life can either float or sink under pressure. Lifeguards are the heroes of the beach. Popularized by the show Baywatch, these sexy men have established a category all on their own. The lifeguard is most prominent during summer months and in tropical locations, on the beach, and at the pool.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Strong and defined body, good swimmer, 6 pack, usually in trunks and sunglasses, well tanned and sun-screened body
Common Clothing Items: Swimming trunks, Speedos, towel, sunglasses, sometimes a T-shirt, surf board, wet suit
Favorite Brands Speedos, Billabong, Quicksilver, Ray-Bans
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Status, Lifestyle, Premium skill set, Saving lives, Handle responsibility, Strong Body
What Women Think:
  • He’s really in shape!
  • He is such a good man by saving people’s lives
  • He must be able to protect me when I am in danger
Natural Habitat Hotel pools, the beach, surfing locations, vacations and resorts, pro surfer spots

Famous Examples

David Hasslehoff
David Hasslehoff
Keanu Point Break
Keanu Reeves (Point Break)


Lifeguards are required to go through rigorous training (in most parts of the world) and pass a swimming exam. Their superior athleticism and strength is essential for saving lives when it most counts. They also get to hangout near hot girls every summer in bikinis and little clothing. Given their high status within their locale and naturally attractive bodies, they are perfect sexual avatars for the beach.

Natural Counterparts

Beach Girls
Beach Girls
Surfer Girl Kate Bosworth
Surfer Girls


Russell Brand parodying the surfer/rocker dude in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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