Life in the Matrix

Smile. Smile like you mean it. This person standing in front of you just betrayed you. Threw you under the bus execution style. But you must be nice to her. After all, she is a person of high value in your life. She has power over your survival value.

So Smile. Don’t fake it, because authenticity is important for those of us with less gifted acting talents. While you are genuine in seriously seeing the positive qualities of this person, the little noise inside your head gets a little louder. “What is that, you say?”

Id: “If you had the power to stand on your own, would you be being nice to his person?”
Me: “Of course not. I would hate them”
Id: “But you are being nice to them, because it is helpful to your survival value”
Me: “Yes.”
Id: “Is that what it means to be a ‘Professional’?”
Me: “I suppose. If you want to climb this particular ladder, which most people in this world are climbing along with you”
Id: “Is that what you want to do? Be nice to people at work so you can ascend up this ladder?”
Me: “No. I want to go beyond and rise above the poverty of the mind to serve those not worth serving”
Id: “But you need them for now”
Me: “Yes”
Id: “So you put in just enough effort to get by”
Me: “I don’t know”
Id: “You’re lying to yourself”
Me: “On my current trajectory and the way I am, (My inner core), I am unable to ascend to this level. Somethings has to change.
Id: “Something bad?”
Me: “Perhaps. Hopefully not. Hopefully there can be something motivating that triggers ambition”.
Id: “There is one thing…”
Me: “Yes. The emotion. Since I was a kid. Watching dad in the political side of the realm of this world”
Id: “Exactly. Channel that. Channel that anger and break free from these chains that bind you.”