• Life Changing Moment (LCM)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA life altering event

    Quick Definition: A highly emotional and significant moment when an event causes a foundational shift in a person’s inner mindset that results in a lifestyle change.

    Full Definition:

    A LCM is not always one particular event, although it can be. More often, it is a chain of events that leads to a last straw, which causes a person to change course.

    Losing a close parent, for example, forces one to be aware of death and challenges our concept of a “long” life. Winning the lottery can make a person change as well, for better or worse. LCMs sometimes build up in momentum. An office worker may put up with a series of abuses overtime, and slowly but surely reach his breaking point. He may not remember all the times his boss made him work weekends, but he will always remember the time he stood up himself and said, “fuck this, I quit” in front of the whole senior management team.

    Wesley’s office scene from Wanted when he decides to stand up to his boss and his best friend (who’s fucking his GF):


    I had a life changing moment when I saw, in succession of one after the other, how a girl like Maria was able to game 10 guys in the same night.

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