Letting Her Chase You

Quick Definition: The ability to give the woman an opportunity to win your affections, where appropriate within a dynamic interaction.

Full Definition:

Julien explains in succinct points:

  • You need to give her room to chase you to feel like she “earned” you
  • Most guys assume she will leave if you stop “doing”. Not true. Don’t be afraid of this.
  • Give her an opportunity to chase, you don’t need it, you’re giving HER A CHANCE
  • Create a verbal vacuum (conversational vacuum)
  • Stare at her, expectant: “it’s your turn to partake in this interaction. You don’t have to, I don’t need you to, but let’s see what’s you’ve got”
  • Do a takeaway “Hey! You’re supposed to fight for me!” Do it playfully, “you would really let me go? What the fuck”
  • “Oh you’re 26. Interesting” – slight IOD/neg
  • Kiss “you’re a horrible kisser” – strips away validation
  • Look, I like you ok, just be cool. Be cool – frames her as the chaser, and that she needs to be cool to be with you.
  • All of this amplifies sexual tension, amplifies the fact that she’s working for you
There are times when a man needs to chase the girl, the problem is, this dynamic quickly stalls or becomes boring. She needs to invest too.

Usage: Let her chase you, not the only way around mate.

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