Let’s Just Be Friends (LJBF)

Quick Definition: A statement uttered by women, which essentially closes the door to a sexual relationship—being put in the friend zone.

Full Definition:

LJBF is a common way for women to try to soften the blow of rejecting a man’s sexual advances. LJBFs occur usually because an AFC builds too much comfort with a woman without building any attraction. It is often a precursor for oneitis.

It is extremely hard to enter a sexual relationship after one has been LJBF’d, though it can be done through the use of jealousy plotlines, pre-selection, and DHVing. Usually, it is best to make one’s sexual intentions clear upfront, so that a PUA does not waste his time chasing after someone who is not interested in him. A LJBF that happens at the beginning of a relationship is much better than one that occurs after investing a lot of time chasing after a woman.

In some cases, the man is the one who says “let’s just be friends.” This is a very POWERFUL tool that women use, and men can flip it to use on women. Once you take sex out of the equation, she has no more value to you, speaking from a biological perspective. Therefore, her values must now be seen in the light of friendship. What are some of her qualities that make her a good friend?

Ways to flip the script on LJBF:

“I’ve decided. I am NOT. Going. To. Sleep. With You.”

Calibration: “no offense to you. There are some girls that I want to sleep with. You just happen to not be one of them”


“I really value my friendship with you, and I think we can become great friends.”

When a PUA says this, he must, at least on the surface level, mean it. And most PUAs that have options do. They have other girls that are just as hot and fun as this one, and they oftentimes will befriend a girl simply because she’s a good girl friend.

Kezia talks about how to get out of the friend zone:


I was LJBF’d by the last girl I dated.

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