Lessons from the OG and Visiting Miami

I had a few epiphanies while traveling to Miami this time. Here they are.

1. The closer you are to the truth, the more profitable you will be – business lesson

2. In Miami, girls are more calibrated to approaches. They act more “icy” or cool and collected. There are still bitches here too but the ones that are open are more talkative and less “deer in the headlights” – game lesson

3. Practice the consistency of putting yourself out there unapologetically – as it. “This is me”. The more you do this, the better your game gets.

4. There is a subtle (sometimes not so subtle) cultural component to long term relationships. This is based on mutual necessity and desire.

5. Guys are not competing with me in Miami. You like her for her, do you love her or not? abundance of hot girls makes it easy to have relationships with the ideal girl you want. This is true abundance, not just talking about it or mentally masturbating.

6. If you know heaven exists then maybe you won’t be so afraid of death.

7. Getting over someone or a rejection is much easier when social fluidity is quicker

8. Raw physical game (non verbal) is hardest for me because it it involves facing your inner fears

9. Convince the girl the only way to know you more and getting to know the real you is via sex. This is not a ploy or trick – it has to be the truth.

Tommy the OG (original gangster). In his own words: “I’m been chasing pussy for 60 years!” On the way to dinner, Tommy laid out some life lessons that really resonated with me deeply:

1. Listen to me, relationships are ALWAYS based on necessity. Do you satisfy the other persons’s needs? Their deepest, most intimate needs. This is the real secret to most relationships. Without this basic satisfaction, relationships don’t last.

2. When I was a kid I would follow a girl, she was this teen model and I would stalk her on the playground. She would call me all sorts of names: creep, weirdo, stupid, dumb. I never gave up. Eventually she became my girlfriend. But then I got bored of her! haha

3. Let the girl know you are interested in her.

4. Me: what if there’s another guy?

Tommy: you let her know you like her. Then, it is her choice. Do not back down. Put yourself out there, let her know you are there as a potential man.

5. Me: at what point do you stop or give up? Or take back your time / dignity?

Tommy: It is up to you. If there’s a hotter girl walking by, then stop. Or if you have more options. You make the choice. But don’t stop because you are afraid. Stop and cut it short because you choose to.

6. Women love sex more then men. Remember this. women LOVE sex MORE than Men. (He repeats this several times). They are forced to hide it due to the larger public but never forget this.

7. You are onto something with your business – the ability to work remotely and not be there all the time – this is a huge find. Continue it. Don’t lose your vision.

I learned more about game from Tommy than I did all year from anyone else. Also, the way he said it was so key, so memorable. Thanks Tommy.


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