Lesbian Finger Routine

A UC Berkeley study showed a correlation between female finger lengths and sexual preference. It’s a good excuse to perform kinesthetic escalation and teach her something interesting.

Finger lengths have long been correlated with human psychology and physiology.  There may be a relationship between finger ratios and the amount of testosterone in the mother’s womb.  This trait is a possible indicator of more masculine behavior in women or an increased probability of lesbianism.
In a study done at Berkley University and published in Nature, researchers found that lesbian women tended to have the more “masculine” finger arrangement.  That is, lesbian women (like men) tend to have an index finger and a ring finger with a highly equivalent length.  Straight women have a larger gap in the difference between the lengths of these two fingers.
This routine is great because:
  • It’s a good excuse to hold her hand and do some kinesthetic escalation.
  • She gets to learn something unique about herself.
  • It’s an excuse to talk about sex and lesbianism.
PUA: Why do you keep checking out that girl over there?
Girl: I’m not checking her out.
PUA: Are you a lesbian? Did you know sometimes you can tell just by looking at your finger lengths. Here let me see your hand.
[Gently take her hand and briefly examine her fingers. Then immediately disqualify her in a somewhat negative tone.]
PUA: Yeah, you’re a lesbian.
Girl: No I’m not. How do you know?
PUA: Hah! I’m just kidding I barely looked.
[Take her hand again in this time examine closely while telling her about the Berkley study.]

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