Law of Vibration (Vibrational Frequency)

Quick Definition: A core concept within the law of attraction.

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Modern science and quantum physics have discovered that the whole universe is made up of energy. Once the sub-atomic level is penetrated, what’s left is not matter but pure energy. Everything that you see around you, be it a living thing or object, is made up of energy.

And the nature of energy is such that it is in a constant state of vibration. This is the law of vibration. So in effect, every living thing and object in the universe is actually vibrating at some frequency or the other, including you. For example, the computer screen that you are looking at right now might seem pretty solid, but it’s actually made up of billions of sub-atomic particles all scurrying around emitting its own unique vibrational frequency.

Vibrating Energy
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From a human perspective, scientists have also discovered that human thoughts and emotions all carry their own unique vibrational frequencies. If you are angry, or happy, or excited, you are emitting different vibrational frequencies. And metaphysicians have discovered that your personal vibrational frequencies are the same to that of your thoughts and emotions.

Understanding this law of vibration is essential towards truly understanding and implementing the law of attraction. And to do this you must first recognize the correlation between your emotions and your life experiences. For example, you will realize that the emotions that you feel when you are feeling confident are the same as when you reach an important goal or milestone in your life. This is because you’re emitting the same vibrational frequency in both instances.

So if the law of attraction states that like attracts like, the law of vibration helps you realize that tp attract specific results or situations, you must emit a vibrational frequency that is identical to your desired outcome. Think of yourself as a radio. To tune into a specific station, your receptor’s signal must vibrate at the same frequency as the signal of your desired station. Likewise, to attract and manifest a specific outcome, your personal vibrational frequency must match that of the desired outcome. So say for instance that you want to attract more wealth into your life. It’s not enough that you visualize having the wealth you desire to the minute details. You must also visualize feeling the exact same emotions that you would feel if you were to have all the wealth that you desire.

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